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Taco Shell Fryer Baskets. The tastiest tacos are made with crispy, deep-fried corn tortilla shells. These baskets are specifically designed to hold the shells, so they can be fried in a deep fryer without losing their shape or getting broken. Several types are available that accommodate both classic taco shells, tostadas, and taco salad bowls.

8 Mould Nickel Plated Steel Mexican Taco Shell Deep Fryer ... 8 Mould Nickel Plated Steel Mexican Taco Shell Deep Fryer Basket. This nickel-plated, steel frying basket holds 8 taco shells at a time. The taco shell fryer basket is designed to fry 8 tortillas in taco shapes. Each tortilla is situated in an individual section to avoid shells from sticking to each other. Taco Shell Fry Basket - Fits 8 Shells - Hotel & Motel Supplies Nickel plated wire. For frying tortillas into taco shells. Fries up to eight 6" tortillas into taco shape at one time. Taco Deep Fryer | Beso Taco Deep Fryer ($12.61 - $610.55): 30 of 2060 items - Shop Taco Deep Fryer from ALL your favorite stores & find HUGE SAVINGS up to 80% off Taco Deep Fryer, including GREAT DEALS like Taco Shell Deep Fryer Basket - 8 Shells ($38.27). Taco Shell Maker - sears.com

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Taco Basket, 8 Shells, 6″ | Winco Taco Basket, 8 Shells, 6″. Nickel plated. Item #: TB-8 Category: Taco & Tostada Baskets. Additional information.Taco Salad Bowl Fry Basket, Round, 18″ Handle. Item #: TB-20.

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Taco Basket, 12 x 6-1/2 x 3 Inch, fry kettle hook, polished chrome finish, holds up to 8 shells per load 12" x 7" x 4 1/2" Taco Frying Basket with 8 Slots 12.49 USD. Use this 8 slot fryer basket to spice up your menu with your very own freshly fried taco shells! The taco basket features individual partitions, so you can fry 8 tortillas in a perfect taco shape without fear of the shells sticking to each other. A sturdy nickel-plated steel frame adds durability and... Amazon.com: Pronto Taco Shell Fry Basket with 8 Slots:…

Winco tb-8, taco basket for 8 6-inch shells, deep fryer taco holder Basket, Commercial Heavy-Duty Taco Fry Basket with Grip Handleis designed to cook 8 tortillas in taco forms at once. Choose this 8 slot deep fryer basket with grip handle to impress your customers with your signature freshly fried taco shells!

Deep Fryer Baskets. Winco TB-8 - Taco Shell Fry Basket (Holds Eight (8) Tortillas ). Not quite what you were looking for?Your customers are sure to notice the difference between packaged taco shells, and freshly made ones created with the help of this taco shell fry basket from Winco. Beer Battered Fish Tacos - Fried Cod Tacos w/ Asian Slaw Beer Battered Fish Tacos w/ Asian Slaw. Flour tortillas stuffed with crispy, golden, tender, beer battered cod and topped with toasty, crunchy, fresh coleslaw! Mexican Restaurants - Royal Industries Roy 23 8

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